Songs from heaven

a few songs from heaven by Sabine

for guitar chords
I want to encourage you if you are able to play an instrument just to use the words and create your own melody ….
Lay down your crown – and go down
get on your knees and wash their feet!
Surrender your life completely to him –
and HE will cleanse you, make you without sin.
Give HIM your mind, your heart and your hand,
and HE will bring you into the promised land.


Hallelujah, I give you praise.
Hallelujah, to the GOD of Gods
Hallelujah, to the Lord of Lords
Hallelujah, to the mighty one,
Hallelujah, to Gods son,
Hallelujah, to my rose of Sharon,
Hallelujah, to the prince of peace,
Hallelujah, to my release,


 according to Psalm 100
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving
I can enter in.
I enter into his gates with praise and I give thanks to him.
I enter into his courts with praise and I bless him.
Halle, Halle, Halle… Halle, Halle, lujah…
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord
Santo, Santo, Santo, Santo, Santo el senior
Heilig, Heilig, Heilig, Heilig, Heilig ist der Herr…

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